SU Garden Restaurant Middletown CA | Su Garden Chinese Restaurant is The Best Chinese Restaurant in Middletown, California 95461, United States

 SU Garden Restaurant Middletown California 

Su Garden Chinese Restaurant is the best Chinese Restaurant in Middletown, California, United States 

Su Garden Chinese Restaurant is the Best Chinese Restaurant in Middletown, California. This restaurant specializes in authentic Szechuan and Hunan-style dishes. Their staff is also wonderful; they greet you with a smile and are always eager to help with anything you may need. 

Su Garden Best Chinese Restaurant in Middletown, California 95461, United States
SU Garden

The owner of the restaurant has 30+ years of experience in Chinese cuisine. She uses fresh ingredients to create great-tasting dishes. When you think Chinese food, think Su Garden. They serve traditional Chinese dishes like Pepper Steak, Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Kung Pao Chicken, and Orange Chicken. The prices at Su Garden are reasonable, and the food is excellent. Their lunch specials are excellent, and dinner prices are very reasonable. 

Su Garden Chinese Restaurant in Middletown, California, has helped bring Chinese cuisine into the limelight. Su Garden Chinese Restaurant has been open since 1958, and it serves a variety of delicious Chinese dishes, including dim sum, a wide variety of meats, noodle dishes, and moo goo gai pan. Su Garden Chinese Restaurant also has a pleasant atmosphere, with a pleasant ambiance that includes low background music. The staff is always friendly, and the restaurant provides friendly service. Overall, Su Garden Chinese Restaurant provides Chinese cuisine in an inviting atmosphere, and it is highly recommended.
Su Garden

SU Garden Chinese Restaurant is a top-rated Chinese dining experience that has earned its stellar reputation among customers for its authentic cuisine, generous portions, and friendly services. all you can eat is sushi, dim sum, and your choice of sizzling appetizers, there is plenty on the menu for even the hungriest appetite. The atmosphere is brightly lit with a soothing Chinese-inspired design, making it a great family-friendly restaurant. 

Address: 21299 Calistoga Rd, Middletown, CA 95461, United States 


Phone: +1 707-809-8212  

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