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Couple Zone Restaurant in Dhanmondi 

Couple Zone restaurant is a great place to eat in Dhanmondi. The food is fantastic and the service is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. We highly recommend the below restaurant to couples and families. Here are the 8 best Couple Zone Restaurants in Dhanmondi.

1. Ozz Cafe 

Ozz Cafe is the best couple zone restaurant in Dhanmondi. The restaurant is decorated with beautiful pictures of nature and the surroundings. The couple can order their favorite food and drink from the menu and the waitress will bring it to them. The couple can also order a specialty dish from the menu, which is a must-try. 

Ozz Cafe is the best Couple Zone Restaurant in Dhanmondi
Ozz Cafe 


2. The Dark Music Cafe And Restaurant

The Dark Music Cafe And Restaurant is another Couple Zone Restaurant in Dhanmondi. The restaurant is decorated with dark, Gothic furniture and fixtures. The menu is filled with dark, gothic food items such as "The Black Widow Burger" and "The Vampire Feast Pizza". The restaurant also has a live band that plays gothic metal music. 

  • Address: ZR Plaza, Level#10 Satmasjid, Road No# 19(old),Road No# 9A(new), Dhanmondi, Dhaka, 1209 
  • Phone: 01721-904504 
  • Order: 

3. Cilantro 

A restaurant located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, is proving that couples are most definitely 'Couples Allowed' making it their policy to allow couples to eat together. 

4. The Mirror 

A restaurant that aims to be couples-only, The Mirror is a Couple Zone, has opened in Dhanmondi. The restaurant’s aim is to provide couples with a romantic experience. Owner of The Mirror, Joya Mondal, said,  “The Mirror is a couple zone. 

  • Address: 39/A, Road no. 8, Dhanmondi, Near Sheikh Jamal Cricket Academy, Dhaka 1209 
  • Phone: 01977-056713 

5. Deck 13 

Deck 13 is a couple friendly (18+) restaurant in Dhanmondi, Bangladesh. From October 2018, Deck 13 is now officially a couples-only restaurant. Not just couples, but everyone over 18 is welcome in this restaurant. 

  • Address: Navana GH Heights, House 67 Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1209 
  • Phone: 01714-230065
  • Order: 

6. New Treat Cafe 

New Treat Cafe (NTC) is a Couple Zone Restaurant in Dhanmondi, where they offer delicious and fresh foods at reasonable prices. NTC Gives special attention to its clientele, particularly the needs of couples. The cafe offers a wide variety of food Couples can choose from. Couples can eat their meals while enjoying themselves with their partners. 

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