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 ODO-Authentic Japanese restaurant In Manhattan Crossword 

Odo is a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan that is known for its authentic cuisine. The restaurant is located in the Crossword area of Manhattan, and it is one of the few Japanese restaurants in the area that is authentic. The menu at ODO includes traditional Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura, as well as more modern Japanese dishes such as teppanyaki and yakitori. The restaurant also has a full bar, and it offers a wide selection of Japanese beers, wines, and sake. 

ODO-Authentic Japanese restaurant In Manhattan Crossword

 Who knew that the Japanese were so serious about sushi that traditional preparation methods demand carefully-curated fish that spends days—sometimes weeks—in ice? Well, at ODO in New York City, the chef is doing this to bring you a sushi-and-sake experience unlike any other. First, you drink sake. Then, you order nigiri—sushi handrolls. And as you enjoy this minimalist dining experience, the transparent walls allow you to watch the fish being hand-rolled in front of you.

head chef Saya Takagi (pictured above) and her staff will prepare your sushi and serve it to you as gently as possible, with a gentle touch of pleasure. 

Here the fish is top-notch, and the sake is perfect. The instruction is clear and precise, and the food is both tasty and beautifully presented. This is Japanese food as it should be. 

In conclusion, the ODO restaurant in Manhattan is one of the best places to experience authentic Japanese cuisine. With Japanese chef, Hidemi Takagi at the helm, and a host of talented chefs working in the kitchen, the food prepared at this restaurant is refreshing, to say the least. This authentic Japanese restaurant in Manhattan also offers a wide variety of dishes, including sushi. 


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